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10 amazing photos of the most beautiful animals on Earth

Tiger mother with cub photo


The Earth is packed with a massive variety of stunning animals, we’ve searched far and wide to find great images of the ten we find the most beautiful.


10. The Arctic Fox


Arctic fox photo

In winter they are white to blend in with the snow, while in the summer they change to brown! The Arctic fox is found throughout the entire Arctic tundra, through Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia, and even Iceland, where it is the only native land mammal.


9. The Hyacinth Macaw


Hyacinth Macaw photo

This beautiful bird has a global population of merely 2,500-10,000 and is found most commonly in Southern Brazil and Western Bolivia, they often each pine nuts, but only after they have passed through the digestive system of a cow!


8. The Emperor Tamarin


Emperor Tamarin photo

This rather odd yet stunning animal is typically found in central South America, and are usually between 9-10.5 inches in body length with a tail length of around 15 inches. Emperor tamarins have much longer fingers than their relatives, which aid in the snatching of their prey rather than having to probe for trey in the trees.



7. The White Tiger


White Tiger photo

The white tiger is a pigmentation variant of the Bengal Tiger, which is reported in the wild from time to time in the India, they are incredibly rare, and this variant of tiger typically only appears naturally once every 10,000 births. The majority of these awesome animals sadly live in captivity, as their unique fur colouring makes them very valuable.


6. The Zanzibar Red Colobus


Zanzibar Red Colobus photo

The Zanzibar red colobus is a stunning and unique looking monkey that lives only on Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania. They are an endangered species with no more than 3000 left in the wild. The people of Zanzibar hold negative views of the animal and call them `poison monkey’ because of their unusual smell.



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