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19 rare and beautiful animals that are near the brink of extinction

Malayan Tiger photo

9. Malayan Tiger

Malayan Tiger photo
Malayan tigers live on the Southern tip of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula. The Malayan tiger is the smallest species just like the Sumatran tiger, it’s found in the less-dense forests and jungles where there’s more food. It’s smaller size helps it remain unseen in the clearer parts of the jungle.

8. Javan Rhino

Javan Rhino photo
The Javan Rhino is native to parts of south-east Asia and has a single horn of up to about 10 inches. Their skin has a few loose folds giving the appearance of armour plating. They spend most of their lives in dense lowland rain forests that are surrounded with rivers or wet areas with many mud wallows.

7. Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle photo
The Hawksbill is named for it’s hawk-like narrow, pointed beak. They also have a recognisable pattern of overlapping scales on their shells. Hawksbills are often found throughout the tropical oceans, living a lot of their lives in coral reefs.

6. Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Eastern Lowland Gorilla photo
Like the Mountain Gorilla, the Eastern Lowland Gorilla is one of the largest primates in the world and lives in the jungles on the African continent. It’s actually the largest of the four gorilla subspecies even though it eats mainly fruit and other herbaceous materials!

5. Cross River Gorilla

Cross River Gorilla photo
Cross River Gorillas live in rugged territory on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon and they’re wary of humans so scientists have been unable to count many of these gorillas directly. They’re now incredibly rare in the wild and there are just a handful of cross river gorillas left!

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