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Planet Earth to return to the BBC for a second series!

BBC logo image for Planet Earth

The return of Attenborough’s soothing voice, in fantastic high definition!

I t’s been over 10 years since David Attenborough’s fantastic 11 part nature documentary series ‘Planet Earth’ debuted on the BBC, which is why it’s absolutely fantastic to know that another series is on the way later this year, and considering we’re already in October, it’s not going to be too long to wait!

Suffice to say a lot has changed since 2006, the release date of the original series. The original documentary was the first BBC nature documentary to be filmed in high definition, and this new series looks set to leap further ahead and make use of the past years of innovation; The show will be filmed in 4k, and will include shots filmed by use of drones, to name just a few of the revolutionary changes we can enjoy on the telly-box in the coming months.

It’s highly worth checking out the amazing series two trailer below to give yourself a taste of the high-def animal goodness that’s on its’ way.



You must be brimming with anticipation, but it’s worth noting that the original Planet Earth series is available for streaming right now on Netflix in the UK, so if you haven’t seen it (what!?) or you fancy a rewatch, definately go ahead and check it out again.

In fact, i’m off to go do that right now, cheerio!

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